The Age of Deception(Evolution,GMO foods,vaccines)

Tribute to Black Mothers across the world!

Just a dedication to all the beautiful black mothers out there. To all the wives,aunts,nieces,sisters and grandmothers across the world. I hope you enjoy the video. Here’s a very fitting poem by the great Marcus Garvey: Where can I find love that never changes Smiles that are true and always just the same, Caring not … Continue reading

Kanye West Decoded: Sellout Coon or Mind Control victim?

What the hell is going on with rapper/producer Kanye West? He really has changed.I remember after Hurricane Katrina he said President Bush didn’t care about black people.  He got a lot of props from people  for speaking the truth.  Now he’s walking around with a “Make America Great Again” hat and supporting President Donald Trump.  … Continue reading