Vigalantee- Your Voice

I love this! This is a very good rap song by Vigalantee.  The lyrics are not only inspirational but very powerful as well.  I hope you enjoy it.

Kanye West: From Consciousness to Coonery

This post has been a long time coming.  I’ve mentioned in past comments many things I didn’t like about Kanye West. But I’ve never did an actually post about him. I never got around to it.  I could have easily had him in a Tales of Buffoonery post. Well a few followers have told me … Continue reading

Tribute to Afeni Shakur(1947-2016)

I just found out this morning that Afeni Shakur passed away.  She is the mother of rap legend Tupac Shakur.  This is very sad news to hear. Shakur, whose net worth is listed at more than $50 million, had been the arbiter of her son’s estate, which reportedly reaps almost $1 million annually and had been … Continue reading

Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?-Naazir Ra

They want to put black hero Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. What does it mean?  Is this progress?  Does this mean black people are now accepted by the mainstream?  I sure as hell don’t think so.  Naazir Ra breaks down what this realize means.  And what it really symbolizes.  There’s a much deeper meaning … Continue reading

King Lo the Rastar- Speaks on Child abuse,homosexuals,lesbians and pedophiles

King Lo the Rastar is dropping serious knowledge in this video. King Lo doesn’t hold back when speaking about this evil demonic world and the people who control it.   He speaks on the child molestation charges on hip hop Afrika Bambaataaa.  He also speaks on the homosexual agenda,child abuse and sick pedophiles. I respect any person … Continue reading

The Death of Prince: Purple Rain or Purple Reign?

There has been much speculation about the death of pop star Prince. Many people don’t know how the secret societies really operate.  Most of the people in the Jewish/European elite practice satanic worship.  They control Hollywood,music industry and the government.  All your favorite celebrities have no real power.  They are all mere puppets for the elite. Many … Continue reading