Cryptocurrency: Good investment or One World currency?(Part 1 of 2)

As I’m pretty sure by now, most of you have heard in some form or fashion the word “cryptocurrency” being tossed around in the media & social media due to the most popular form of cryptocurrency by the name of Bitcoin (BTC) reaching a value level of as high as $7,380.56 per coin.  To some … Continue reading

Colin Kaepernick(Kappa Alpha Psi)- Boule Negros and Fake Black Consciousness

The picture above is of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick receiving the Muhammad Ali Legacy award from Sports Illustrated.  He was presented the award by singer Beyoncé this past Tuesday.  The event was the 2017 Sportsperson of the Year Awards in New York. I did a post about a year ago stating that the Kaepernick protest … Continue reading

White racism 101: The role of the White Female

Grand Theft Culture(You are being replaced)

The services of black people are no longer needed.  It is clear that black people create…Europeans imitate.  They seem to have a fascination with black culture but despise black people. They like jazz,hip hop and r&b music.  But they feel it’s better if delivered in a white package. No one has been more overhyped than … Continue reading

Meghan Markle: Redefining Black female identity?

Since there’s so much talk about biracial actress Meghan Markle,here’s a few pictures and videos.  Some peopel ahve told me they aren’t familiar with her. Some think she might turn out to be some so-called pro-black mulatto like Jesse Williams or Colin Kaepernick.  But I can assure you she is nothing of the sort.  Especially … Continue reading

Educate children to defend themselves- Amos Wilson

Cultural continuity is maintained by educating children in the ways of their culture. And they are educated in the ways of their culture to MAINTAIN their culture, to advance its interests, and ultimately to try to maintain its very survival. That is the fundamental reason people are educated. What does it matter if you learn … Continue reading