The Sacred Woman

“A sacred woman is a spiritual woman, who is conscious of the Creator. Healthy sacred food is the foundation of the body temple of a sacred woman. A sacred woman is filled with the light and love of the Most High Supreme, and she shares this love brilliantly with whoever enters her walk. A sacred … Continue reading

Robert Mugabe invokes the spirit of Marcus Garvey

This is a great speech in my opinion. During a speech at an international summit in Harare, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe gave a clarion call for Africans and African-Americans to forge closer ties so as to advance the cause of people of African descent.  It was nice to hear him say that all people of … Continue reading

Sandra Bland: Facts vs Fiction

This is a video and post by Rick Wallace. The brother makes some very valid points regarding the Sandra Bland case. Read the following article and let me know what you think. What is submitted here is the demand that blacks stop jumping on every bandwagon simply because it supports their theory. The objective should always be … Continue reading

The Death of Sandra Bland(They’re killing Sistas too)

It is immensely important to discover the truth about what happened to Sandra Bland, and it is equally important to hold all who are involved in her death, at any level, responsible for the role that they have played. However, before we can even get to the point in which Sandra Bland lost her life, … Continue reading