Watoto from The Nile- Unify and Live

This is another great video from Watoto from The Nile. These young ladies never disappoint me with their songs. This is a very inspiring song. Considering the current condition of our people,this song is very timely. Enjoy this beautiful song.

Amerikkkan Culture is Insane

“If European culture is insanity then at the fundamental level that humans define and perceive reality we, as Afrikans and people of color, have a very serious problem. If a cultural minority becomes the power majority and, this minority, through military, media and religious might force the majority cultures to adopt its culture as their … Continue reading

Rachel Dolezal/Bruce Jenner: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Let me first say that Rachel Dolezal is a con artist. There’s no reason this phony should’ve been the head of any NAACP chapter. This is a white women pretending to be black. She has NO African ancestry at all. This is an insult to all black women and black people as a whole. I … Continue reading

I Father

I Father

Originally posted on TruLovExists:
In the womb, the child begins its development. From birth, the child begins its evolution. The lessons, the love, and the leadership passed from father to son, are the products of design that aids to growth, of child to boy, and from boy to man. Fathers are not that well appreciated,…