Black Love Denied: Black Men & Latinas…a better match?(Part 2 of 3)

There’s another trend going on.  The attack on black love is very real. I told you what they’re doing to black women in part one. Now I’ll show what they’re trying to do with brothers. This picture(above) is from the Fox drama Rosewood. It premiered back in September 2015.  It stars Morris Chestnut in his … Continue reading

Black Love Denied: Black Women hooking up with White Men(Part 1 of 3)

Black love scares the racists who run this country. It has become quite obvious that television and film are tools of mind control.  And they use the media to brainwash black men and women on a global scale. Black people are in a physical  and spiritual war against our oppressors.  But the war is also … Continue reading

Brenda Sykes(Old School Edition)

Brenda Sykes was born on June 25,1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana. The daughter of a postal worker, Brenda Sykes seemed bound for an academic career when, at 19, she was made a Teaching Assistant in Black History in the UCLA High Potential Program. One year later, Brenda showed up as a contestant on TV’s The Dating … Continue reading

Tamara Dobson(Old School Edition)

Tamara Dobson nicknamed for her real name Tamara Janice Dobson was an African-American actress and fashion model by her profession. She had been holding an American nationality from the day she was born till she died. As long she lived, she had achieved the height of success and fame on her own. Her education background … Continue reading

Bern Nadette Stanis(Old School Edition)

Bern Nadette Stanis was born on December 22,1953. She grew up in the borough of Brooklyn, New York in a working class neighborhood. As anyone could tell from her role as Thelma Evans, Stanis is also talented dancer as well as an actress. Who can ever forget that dance she did in the wine-colored bodysuit … Continue reading

Vonetta McGee(Old School Edition)

Lawrence Vonetta McGee – named after her father – was born in San Francisco on January 14,1945. Her family planned for her to have a career in law, and she began studying pre-law at San Francisco State College, but she became involved in amateur theatre and was bitten by the acting bug. Vonetta left college … Continue reading